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Courtney Rae Jordan

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About Courtney


Hello, friend! My name is Courtney Rae Jordan and I'm so glad that you stopped by here for a visit.

I am an old soul with reckless optimism. I am a school counselor by trade with a passion for writing and encouraging people. Most of all, I am a child of God.

At 27, my life changed in a drastic way. Since then, there have been highs and lows, twists and turns, and so much growth in between. As a result, I have learned and am still learning many valuable lessons. 

As I write this, I am in the middle of another life change. During the 2020 holiday season, I became engaged to my best friend. While I'm so excited and thankful, I am also aware of the gravity of what is happening. I am using this space to share my continuous journey with you.

My intention is that the content you read here will connect with you, encourage you, and positively impact you.  

Read on and enjoy!

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Pull up a Chair ...

If you asked me how I thought my life was going as a woman in my early 20's, I would have said perfectly fine and on track. However, life has a way of exposing you to its harsh realities.

In 2011, everything changed and a long and difficult journey began. I finally got to the point where I had to look myself in the mirror, face the truths from which I had been running, and get to work. 

Over time, I began to realize that I had a lot more control over myself than I thought and that I had to make some changes in order to move forward. The problem was that I had no idea how to do that. 

I dug my heels in deep, shed a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, and, now, progress (not perfection) is my sweet reward. I write to you and for you because I want you to know that you are not alone and that, while forward movement can be difficult, it is not impossible. In fact, it is necessary and worth it!

Your happy life depends on you and what you are willing to do to make it happen. Knowing how to make it happen can be the tricky part and I'm so excited to share what I am learning with you. 

So, pull up a chair and let's dig in. Take some time to explore the blog and feel free to reach out to me.

I'm waiting to hear from you! 

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welcome to my world, friends!

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Fun Facts

  1. I am a Maryland native.

  2. I have a coffee and potato chip problem.

  3. I am an avid Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac fan.

  4. Clemson football is my life! 

  5. The Golden Girls is also my life!

  6. I have 2 Master's degrees (one of which is from dear old Clemson).

  7. I grew up watching WWE and going to see WrestleMania XXVII  was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

  8. I am a gym rat.

  9. I am an extroverted introvert.

  10. Traveling is one of my favorite past times. So far, my most incredible adventures have included Italy, France, Spain, South Korea, and Dubai. 

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