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How's Your Year Going?

Here we are. Almost halfway through 2022. How do you feel about that?

To answer my own question, I don't feel that great. Don't get me wrong: there have been some amazing times. I celebrated my first year of marriage, one year at a new job, and one year in a new city. Needless to say, I'm grateful. I'm also frustrated with myself. I've struggled to do the things that I set out to do when the year started.

My writing has struggled. My fitness goals have struggled. My weight has struggled. My discipline and motivation has struggled. It's not things that people can see from the outside. It's things I feel inside that just aren't gelling the way that I want them to. I find myself looking at each day as a new opportunity to get more done, to chase my dreams harder than the day before. Then, it seems like when the day is over I'm disappointed. I feel like I'm in a rut and it's already June.

If that's you, too, there is good news for us:

The year is not over.

I have been having this conversation with myself lately. I tend to focus on the negative or the things I perceive I'm not doing well enough and not the celebratory things or the things I have achieved. Or, even the fact that I haven' t given up and will continue to move forward, even if I'm not exactly where I want to be.

All I can say is -- keep going, friends. Keep going. I intend to be here more than I have been this year - showing up for you and for me. I encourage you to keep showing up for yourself, too. You can do it. It's not over!

Until next time, friends, take good care,



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