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Sundays are for brunch ... and learning lessons.

The plan on this particular Sunday was for my fiancé and me to go to brunch to celebrate an accomplishment I made. The morning didn't start off well and by the time we got together to eat, I was irritated and had a really bad attitude. Here we are going into what should be a beautiful time together, but I was in the wrong space and not willing, at the time, to come out of it.

Damien said to me, "You're going to let something that happened this morning ruin your whole day?"

It hit me like a ton of bricks, but, of course, trying to save face, I didn't say anything to him in response to that. I just continued to lash out. We were sitting in the parking lot and I abruptly jumped out of the car and stormed off. I was silent for the time we waited and for the first part of us sitting down at the table. I ordered a vanilla latte (because it's brunch ... duh) and he got up to use the restroom.

I could feel my conscience eating at me. I had a choice to make - we were at a beautiful place and ready to have a meal together and I could either enjoy it or ruin it. Thankfully, I chose the former. He got back to the table and I grabbed his hand:

"I'm sorry."

At that moment, I could feel a huge release in my belly. We talked about how we need to work through points of frustration and vowed to work together towards being our best. We are headed toward marriage and, the closer we get, I realize that it will be work. We don't live together now and, when we do, we will have to adjust to it. I'm thankful for a partner who helps me and honestly brings to my attention what I need to see.

We proceeded to have a sweet time together and our brunch was so delicious. We spent the afternoon enjoying each other's company and I could have missed out on that had I decided to let my strong will take over.

Lesson learned - the morning or any time of day could start off rocky, but it's up to me to turn it around. And, I can turn it around. The circumstance may be difficult and may not change, but my attitude makes a difference. Another lesson I learned is that it's worth it to soak up each moment with the man I love because life is short and I don't want to waste time being angry and losing an opportunity to create memories. Last lesson is -- when it's on the menu, order the chicken and waffles!

Courtesy of The Sage Mule

Take good care of yourselves, friends,

Courtney xoxo

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