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The Best Day Ever

My wedding day was the best day of my life so far. That may sound like an exaggeration, but, I promise you, it's not. I have gone over the day so many times at this point. I remember the details and the feelings that came with them.

I remember not sleeping much the night before because I was so excited for the next day to come.

I remember the delicious coffee that I had from my favorite place on the way to the venue.

I remember the time I got to spend with my mother leading up to the wedding. We got to the venue more than three hours before showtime. We had a delicious lunch and just talked and laughed with each other. It was something I'll never forget.

I remember playing worship music while getting my makeup done. I was so full of gratitude that I couldn't help but honor the Lord for what He had done to bring Damien and me to that point in our journey.

I remember letting go of the idea that I could control the rain which came in handy when my wedding planner came to tell me the plan for the day: the ceremony and pictures would be outside, but the reception would be set up inside since there was a 50% chance of rain at the exact time dinner was to be served. (I was really okay with it!)

I remember how beautiful I felt when I put my dress on and how I was a little sad that I would only get to wear it once (I loved my dress).

I remember my brother coming to see me all dressed up and he was equally handsome - it was the first moment I became emotional that day. I remember our pictures being taken as we interacted.

I remember joining hands with my mother and brother as she prayed for me.

I remember my wedding planner coming to say it was showtime and three minutes early at that.

I remember hearing Damien on the floor beneath me - waiting to take his place.

I remember my wedding planner coming to take me to my spot. I felt a wave of emotions hit me and my legs went numb.

I remember my sweet brother talking me through the moment when my entrance music came on. I remember saying, "Give me a minute" as I tried to collect myself. He told me to breath and asked me if I could bend my legs. He said he didn't want them to buckle on me. For whatever reason, his care truly soothed me. I wiggled my legs around, took a deep breath, and said, "I'm ready."

I remember him counting off the steps that I had to walk down. I turned the corner, saw my guests, then zoomed in on Damien's face. I remember Christian talking to me as we walked together toward my almost husband. He shared words with me that were priceless and told me he loved me always as he handed me over to Damien. It was a moment I will never forget.

I remember the tears streaming down Damien's face as any and all nerves melted off me when Damien took my hands.

I remember the officiant's words as we heard about the weight of the covenant we were making to each other. I remember our vows and the tears we BOTH shed as we committed our lives to each other, willingly and joyfully. I remember our first kiss and our first dance that immediately followed.

I remember all of the congratulations as we walked off as husband and wife. I remember taking pictures with one another, our parents, and every guest who came to our wedding. That was SO special. I remember how it never actually rained, but that it was PERFECT that our reception was inside (the humidity was NO joke).

I remember our delicious meal, the wine, the cupcakes, and the chatter from our guests who made themselves at home with each other. I remember visiting each table to express gratitude for sharing such a special day with us.

I remember my husband reaching over to touch my knee or give me a kiss throughout our meal as we sat at the sweetheart table.

I remember taking snapshots with everyone during dinner and things winding down. I remember our sendoff by our family and friends.

I remember the wedding day was like a whirlwind, but the best kind of whirlwind. I felt surrounded by love and I felt the presence of God in such a profound way.

It truly was the BEST DAY EVER!

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